Peace & good Karma coming your way with a fun & creative media blog about life with Kiddaayyss , a.k.a. Cats, Kitties, Felines, and Pussy Cats.
Hello! My name is Tania. Everyone calls me Tan for short. I live with two kiddaayyss and am KiddaayyMomma to many other kiddaayyss around the area. I gave my nickname KiddaayyMomma to myself many years ago after two of our cats mated and I had the delight of raising kittens. That’s another story I’ll save for later. I’ve owned (or rather they owned me) many cats over my years. I seem to have a certain understanding with the furballs. It seems there is no cat that doesn’t take an instant liking to me and vice versa. I can’t imagine NOT liking a cat! It’s never happened to me. Except once. That’s another story I’ll save for later too.
In addition to currently having the pleasure of serving as KiddaayyMomma of two gray furry fuzzballs, Stimey & BonBon, and a seasoned expert on kiddaayy parenting, kiddaayy birthing, kiddaayy throwup, kiddaayy talk and kiddaayy behaviors in general, I consider myself able, ready and well educated on the subject matter I will be presenting.
I am also a professional photographer for over 35 years, specializing in Weddings, Portraiture, Boudoir and Studio photography. I’ve mostly been photographing Freelance on any subject available presently, my most favorite being inspirational landscape photos and of course my ultimate special subject matter, Kiddaayyss!!
I photograph everyone’s cat, I love kiddaayyss of all sizes, shapes, colors and breeds and oh! dare I say that Personality? What can I say? I am a self declared Crazy Cat Lady and show my kiddaayy love everywhere I can. I love the way they slink around so sexy and meow insistently for their food. Yes, its true, they definitely have acquired Catitude.  One of mine, BonBon even meows until he has a clean kitty box! Kiddaayyss are fickle, stuck up, snobbish, selfish, smart and even cruel with their bites & scratches sometimes. On the other hand, the love and karma, peace and calmness they also possess makes them one of the superior creatures on this Earth I love & cherish so much! KIddaayyss are certainly one of the most popular pets the Universe has given us to share some of our existence with while we are here. In this blog, we will celebrate them thru photos, stories, humor, understanding, and most of all love and admiration.
Check out my website and store, All items for sale are my original photos & images, artwork, or handcrafrafted by Tania Whitaker unless otherwise noted.
Sending peace and good karma your way – Tan


my cat loves fresh cut flowers — making it up as i go

I went to visit a friend in Calera, Alabama. Which is Alabama country. I saw Queen Anne’s lace & Black-eyed Susans on the side of the road. When i stopped & chopped them using a key to the house, i found a Scottish thistle…which are super sharp. They look a bit wilted here, but they […]

via my cat loves fresh cut flowers — making it up as i go

cat won’t let me art

making it up as i go


i have a commission to create of a little girl. Medium requested is pastel. As soon as i put the photograph on the table. Judah sits on it.DSC_0633

Above is the photograph i took of her.IMG_4984

Judah did leave me in peace once he realized how dusty pastels are. He knew i was finished & came to inspect the photograph. He was studying her hair, i think.IMG_4986

He wanted to see if they were real. He is so cute. And he know has a yellow tushy from sitting on my unfinished work.

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The cat flap…

Cute cat poem! Oh those crazy cats!!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The guy who’d been to fit the thing
Had really got it wrong…
It didn’t even look too good
Nor was it very strong.

He’d charged a fortune for it
After which we’d had to wrangle
With cats who didn’t want to use
A cat-door at an angle.

At first they were reluctant
But they came to terms at last,
Then fat cat after feral cat
Were always shoving past…

It was inevitable
That the cat flap would soon break
And that is why I cannot move
And why I sorely ache.

“I need to fit a new one,”
Said my son, “Can you bob in?
The cats are meowling to get out
And yowling to get in!”

(I wouldn’t mind, but all these cats
Did not live there before…
They turned up for the auto-feed
When he installed the door…)

He’d bought the self-same model
So it should have…

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